Something Happy

Sleep little one, sleep a little longer

There’s no need to rush, no need to wake up just yet

Let me sit here and watch over you

I want to keep you with me forever.


Savor these precious moments, where I can protect you

And listen to your soft intake of air as you lie down snuggled in the dark pelts.

Study the way your dark hair bounces lightly against the slight curve of your nose.

Your cherub face illuminating in this pitiful abyss.


Please stay here, you don’t ever have to leave.

You don’t need to run just yet.

I still need you and I know you still need me too, little one

There’s no pressure here, you don’t have to grow up yet.


I wish I could carry you with me,

So that when I turn around I know you are there.

So that when I turn around I can see your almond eyes staring back at me.

So that you will never be too far from me.


You see little one, you don’t know this now,

but one day you will become me

and I will become you.

Except, only then will we be lost to each other.

Always and forever.



Parachute Train

Crushed your peppermint shards of cotton diamonds

It drifted and drifted until it could no more

Lost in the vastness with no sense of direction 

I’m reachinng out, but I can’t grasp the axle
It’s nimble and brittle and raspy 

Decolored and fading, a red that’s most hated 

It’s slowing! It’s slowing!

Quick! Catch the railing!
You missed it, you missed it!

Now how will we get there?

The sky is the ocean, so blue and gigantic

He rolls and he crashes

He lifts and he drops 

But where is the passage?


He reaches out with that large muscular arm of his

Up, up into the sky

Where we fell down in groups, sputtering and muttering

And  then when waves came crashing down 

Taking us to the ground

For all to see the broken train 

It had chugged so hard

Slughead Lemonade

Sex magnets everywhere

Don’t need to see anyone else but you

Just sweet talk me a little more

God damn, you’re like crack
Little steps take little steps

Feeling my way over to you

My hands are eager to discover

Your dips and crannies 
I need you like you need me

Take me into your abyss

Swallow me whole and never let me go

God damn, you’re like crack

Trolls Under Bridges

Your sweet melody blues

As we stroll down the edges of the sweet candy drops

We’re still so many miles away

But with your hand in mine

I feel like myself
You twist and you mold me 

I’m so caught up in you 

Flying, so lost in you

Take me to the troll under the bridge
Show me all the love

Like gum drops and candy canes

Take me out to the grasslands

Sweet lullaby words
We’re still so many miles away

But with your hand in mine

I feel like myself

I feel like myself. 


We are born alone, so therefore we must die alone.


We surround ourselves with others, yet deep in our hearts we feel the same.


A feeling so strong and over bearing, it’s like sitting in a tub full of ice chips.

Or the sad euphoric voyage into your subconscious after making impressions on your skin.

We are caught in a routine of self-loathing and pain.

Everyday feels the same.

We are so drowned in our insecurities we are afraid of reaching out.

Reaching out to what? I don’t know.

Anything, anything, that will make the day alittle more bearable.

Whatever eases the tension in our chests,

and straightens out the wires attached to our wrists.

We think we want death, but we are scared of the devil.

We’re nothing but desperate marrionettes caught in the universe’s cruel game.

Take a step, or don’t.

We die alone anyways.