The First and Last Spring of the Rest of My Life

The cold wind slapped my face

whipping long, thick ebony strands

into the air like twirling dancers.

My body jostled freely in the seat

as we picked up speed.


My mind buzzed with intoxication

Boisterous laughter pierced the crisp air.

my friends swayed to the beat of the music,

flying high in their clouds of chemically induced bliss.


“Faster, faster!”

The car’s engine boomed

Colors blurred and my senses slowed down time

while my unfastened body bounced up and down

side, to side.


No one cared when we began to skid.

The sharp turn was followed by the acrid

smell of burning rubber as the car whirled

and twirled.


The boys in front were the first to go,

their lives cut short by adolescent impulses.

Both bodies hurled out of the roofless car

as high pitched screams resonated

piercing my ear drums like knives.


And then

I was airborne

I was terrified

I don’t —


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