What Happened that Spring (Revised)

My fingers traveled across the papery skin

Tracing the blue roads of the map

Imprinted on her forearm,

following them to the nearly deceased hand.


I was too young to comprehend the wails of a mother

that would reverberate in her cage for years


I observed the progression of death

and the struggled continuation of life.


blood fled from the hand

Its life retreating, as vital members of the dance,

one by one,

failed to complete the routine.


Leaving involuntary substitutes

cold, machine-driven grunts,

to finish the job.

One last time.


Until a living corpse remained,

a body with no soul,

a mind safely tucked away

in the warm hands of Heaven,

never to reawaken.


The last melody sung by the women rang out

Loud and piercing

Never to be heard again.


As Grim greeted her from the doorway

Stealing my psyche,

a child, before

Masked Angels


Ushered her frozen body out

As psychopumps descended.


I engraved the scene

A cadaver,

with greying skin and sunken cheeks,

deep into my memories.





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