Parachute Train

Crushed your peppermint shards of cotton diamonds

It drifted and drifted until it could no more

Lost in the vastness with no sense of direction 

I’m reachinng out, but I can’t grasp the axle
It’s nimble and brittle and raspy 

Decolored and fading, a red that’s most hated 

It’s slowing! It’s slowing!

Quick! Catch the railing!
You missed it, you missed it!

Now how will we get there?

The sky is the ocean, so blue and gigantic

He rolls and he crashes

He lifts and he drops 

But where is the passage?


He reaches out with that large muscular arm of his

Up, up into the sky

Where we fell down in groups, sputtering and muttering

And  then when waves came crashing down 

Taking us to the ground

For all to see the broken train 

It had chugged so hard

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