Something Happy

Sleep little one, sleep a little longer

There’s no need to rush, no need to wake up just yet

Let me sit here and watch over you

I want to keep you with me forever.


Savor these precious moments, where I can protect you

And listen to your soft intake of air as you lie down snuggled in the dark pelts.

Study the way your dark hair bounces lightly against the slight curve of your nose.

Your cherub face illuminating in this pitiful abyss.


Please stay here, you don’t ever have to leave.

You don’t need to run just yet.

I still need you and I know you still need me too, little one

There’s no pressure here, you don’t have to grow up yet.


I wish I could carry you with me,

So that when I turn around I know you are there.

So that when I turn around I can see your almond eyes staring back at me.

So that you will never be too far from me.


You see little one, you don’t know this now,

but one day you will become me

and I will become you.

Except, only then will we be lost to each other.

Always and forever.



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