Hollow Clay Men

I am as empty as the clay man

Restless, I am. 

Creatures of nourished darkness and twisted bodies cling onto my mind

I see them every time I close my eyes.

They rob me of my sleep, they laugh at my gullibility 

Their white eyes stare at me, their bodies molten Vantablack

Sick and twisted mouths telling me I’m not enough

I am as empty as the clay man

Tired, I am.

I give more than I have to offer 

Inspired by feelings of obligation and unsought compassion

I don’t want to see the world, I want to be left alone by the world.

I am as empty as the clay man.

Exhausted, I am.

I want to run away, run and run and run

To drop everything that troubles me and not have to worry about the mundane world again

To just leave and be lost in this ethereal landscape

To melt and be one with our heavenly fathers

I am as empty as the clay man

Sad, I am. 

I’ve lost my innocence and childhood, stolen and savagely ripped away

A part of my soul, a part I never got to meet.

There is no in between for me, there isn’t even another side. 

I can’t stop now, the collected and matured composure.

I don’t want to grow up.

I am as empty as the clay man

Sleepy, I am.

I just want to rest, to settle my drooping eyelids and just sleep.

 Sleep forever and ever

Like an enchanted giantess from your favorite fairytale

Except no one ever came to disturb me

I am as empty as the clay man

Irritated, I am.

At myself, at others.

Why can’t you just leave me alone? 

I just need some silence, up there and down there too.

Why can’t you see, I am as empty as the clay man?