Reasonable Calamity

You got over me faster than we could begin to exist

Wiped away the fog and crept under a rock

Didn’t give me the time of day, just left me here to rot

I was your rock, I was your ground you said

I was nothing more than a insect for you

Stepped on me and left me for dead

Gave you what you wanted, I was left with nothing

These sheets are dirty like the heap of bones you left behind

Save me the time I’ll spend crawling out of this hole

Now I don’t want you, I don’t want anyone

If this is what I have to look forward too

I’d rather spend these warm less nights alone

Im moving in line to a slow circumference, leaving a bitter taste

Like the one you left in me after you laid waste

Now you’ve left me trying to find a way out

Washing this cold feeling off my skin

I’m just trying to heal

Can’t you see I’m tired of your games

How could I ever think I would be better off with you

Now I see, the flaws in you are greater than I ever knew

Don’t want anything to do with you

Now, I’ll just float away somewhere you won’t know me

Somewhere you won’t find me

Even though I know in a few months you will make your way back to me

But then I won’t be there

Because I will have moved on from you.