Dear, My Oldest Friend

Every moment I find myself deeper in love with you

You held my hand and stowed away my childish fears

Brought back the life back into my eyes

And now it’s time to say goodbye


It’s been so long, so long

Such sacrifice

If I close my eyes

Your light, it shines so bright


I know it’s time to say goodbye,

my oldest friend


I built this world around you

secluded, embraced myself in you

the Darkness that compelled him

you made it go away


Enchanted me to thinking there was no harm in today

I am but a simple girl

with delusions of a better world.

To know you aren’t real

is the tragedy of it all


To fly and soar like so many of them

to fight and sweat and cry with you all

“It’s time to let it go,” said the Watcher.

Oh, must I let it go?


I live in this delusion, accostumed to it all

My wall of seclusion, protecting me from them

My faith is strong, but I am alone

in wanting something gone.


Un-realistic and capricious

Needless to say, goodbye, my oldest friend.


I will continue this fragment,

replay it in my head

Overlapping quantities

confuse my fragile self


I cannot imagine this world without belief or grief

for that is me

and I am him

and he is me.


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