A little light

I’m running towards you head strong Spinning faster than i can breathe Into this world, followed by those behind me And I’m just trying to picture who I should be But every time I feel a little less close Like a lily without a pad, floating mercilessly in the deep blue sea Relying on the... Continue Reading →


They say your blood is my blood So why can't I feel you inside these bones Don't let me stumble around I just want to know where I belong Whenever I fall, why aren't you the one The one to lift me up I’m breaking inside, just make me whole again I don’t want to... Continue Reading →


Just let me float I swear I won't come by These withered hands will stay in the night Touching all the strands you left behind Cage me in those calcium bones I feel like this brain is on fire Waiting for the chance to conspire It's so cold, just please hear All the whispers of... Continue Reading →


If you're a menace does that make me divine? The eagerness for pleasantness Takes all the hundred doubts reality and perception taking their turns Jabbing at us, left and right I signify the failed words Of apostles to apostles Breaking these mirrors full of twisted souls So help me now, I am lost in space... Continue Reading →

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