A little light

I’m running towards you head strong

Spinning faster than i can breathe

Into this world, followed by those behind me

And I’m just trying to picture who I should be

But every time I feel a little less close

Like a lily without a pad, floating mercilessly in the deep blue sea

Relying on the branches to pull me

Every step gets heavy

Waiting for something to happen

Waiting for myself to come out

Waiting for a light in the dark

The life to this is gone

What do you do when the sun sets on the wrong side

Where is my oracle, this must be a mistake

How do we move without crossing the lines

This doubt that fills me, it’s set in stone

Where is the mapmaker, where is my road

Searching for a strong hold

Hold me down to what I know

Slowly out of this cage

Waiting for a light in the dark

Wishing I can hide, just to cut the tied

Waiting for the tides to roll out

Waiting for my route

Waiting for a light in the dark


They say your blood is my blood

So why can’t I feel you inside these bones

Don’t let me stumble around

I just want to know where I belong

Whenever I fall, why aren’t you the one

The one to lift me up

I’m breaking inside, just make me whole again

I don’t want to feel this pain

Show me where to find your love

So when I fall down I can come back to you

Let me know you’re listening

Cause I couldn’t bear another day with out you

I’ve gone so long without you here

I just want to know you’re near

When my fight is done

Will I see you in the end

I’m pounding this chest

Just calling for your soul

To come and make me whole


Just let me float

I swear I won’t come by

These withered hands will stay in the night

Touching all the strands you left behind

Cage me in those calcium bones

I feel like this brain is on fire

Waiting for the chance to conspire

It’s so cold, just please hear

All the whispers of our fears

Floating in the moonlight

Coming so near

Just want an anchor

To ground me to this spot

There’s no need to risk this place

You can just wash away this plain existence

Don’t let up,

I’d rather not end up dreaming

You’d rather end up screaming

So detach this soul

From that empty bag of bones

It’s so cold, please just hear

The whispers of our fears

Floating in the moonlight

Getting so near

Reaching out to feed

Cause they just need

Nothing given back

Please don’t make me laugh


If you’re a menace does that make me divine?

The eagerness for pleasantness

Takes all the hundred doubts

reality and perception taking their turns

Jabbing at us, left and right

I signify the failed words

Of apostles to apostles

Breaking these mirrors full of twisted souls

So help me now, I am lost in space

A constant battle of aching bones

I am disguised and watching from afar

I stand just to fall, we stand just to fall

So help me now, when we feel like we can’t go on