Some shit.

I don’t even know how to feel

Sometimes the good feels like the bad

Where can I find the joy

When we’re falling down so fast

Trapped in a box with a broken locket

Unable to escaped

I don’t know who I need

Who will be fore me on the other side

Waiting for me to subside

Jealousy comes easy when I can only see myself

Under this torn and ripped umbrella

Sinking further into the swollen ground

Going lower every night

As the rain pounds down with mighty steps

My sobs swallowed by the echos of the drums

Softly playing in the background

I move at a slower pace, a fraction of the speed of light

hurried as I walk toward my grave

Peeling off this god-given flesh

Marked crimson red and withered tight

Reaching the Entity, as my mind fights back

One last glimpse of chaos



The end.

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