Her Day.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted.

I’m sorry I’m not who you want me to be.

I’m sorry I can’t act the way you want me to act.

I’m sorry I can’t think the way you do.

I’m sorry I don’t like the things you do.

I’m sorry I’m not around.

I’m sorry I dont call you everyday.

I’m sorry I don’t check in as much as you want me to.

I’m sorry I don’t visit you.

I’m sorry I don’t talk to you.

I’m sorry I don’t eat with you.

I’m sorry, you don’t know me, the real me.

I’m sorry, you don’t love me.

I’m sorry, I’m not enough.

I’m sorry, I’m a failure.

I’m sorry, I forgot.

Happy Mother’s Day.