I feel like a tree sometimes

My finger tips are drying, all of my leaves keep falling.

stuck in place, obliterate

Can I chase the sun? Will I reach it in time?

I’m orange and green

You’re purple and blue

Twenty trees, but I’m still alone

Can I make this go faster?

Trust in Him, but who is He?

There’s a reason to everything, so then when why am I still dying?

I’ve watched you lie, over and over

Now they consume me





I need to get away, but my roots hold me down

“How are you?,” my neighbor asks

“I’m great.”

Is my bow deep enough?

Was my sway too much?

Did I hide my hands well?

I can’t find my voice.

My body feels heavy and lacks poise

I try and I try, to drop these branches

They feel like leeches

They’re dragging me down

They won’t let go.

I’m lying in my grave

Just like a tree.