I told you I wanted to kill myself You said I needed saving Jesus will embrace you, dominate you I didn't need to kill myself to feel like I was gone With a swift, fat brush you erased me from the world   I don't think that, I'm confused I just need faith I don't deserve... Continue Reading →

When I’m falling

You walk past the door  My heart goes with you Pulsing, trying hard to be in rhythm to the steady beat of yours  Do you notice? The flush of pink coursing through my neck into my cheeks Do you notice? My breath hitch when you’re around Suddenly I’m aware of every part of my body... Continue Reading →


I love love love the Wicked gleam in your eye when you're ready for a challenge   That easyness around you, it's so infecting I'm drifting through the sky at a slow pace The world below is busy but everything is okay with you   You make me want to be brave To skydive with... Continue Reading →

things you don’t want to accept

hunger is a monstrous thing it spreads itself everywhere from the darkest corners of your mind to your frail fingertips   it will rob you, it will blind you, and before you know it it will destroy you.   until your'e pulling your fingers out of your mouth until your'e lying on the bathroom floor.... Continue Reading →


Travel to the city, when we're laying wide awake I'm lacking patron saints Making my landscapes grey Twisting, twirling. Everything lacks shapes It's a trip I tell you It's a trip inside my brain   And then I'm laying awake Thinking of the rapes and the tapes Running on the television From all those miles... Continue Reading →

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