Wicked gleam in your eye when you’re ready for a challenge


That easyness around you, it’s so infecting

I’m drifting through the sky at a slow pace

The world below is busy but everything is okay with you


You make me want to be brave

To skydive with no parachute

Drive without a route

Run across the country


The air is warm around us

A heat that radiates from my heart

Making me whoozy as my body starts

My mind awakens, desperately wanting to hold yours


You make me queasy in all the best ways

Like licking ice cream on a hot summer day

You spin me around and around

Im dizzy, unable to get ahold of myself


You leave me speachless

Unsure of the sounds and meanings that reach your soul

I could read a thousand books and I’d still be left agape

Your mind is sharp and beautiful


I think I’m falling in L—-



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