I told you I wanted to kill myself

You said I needed saving

Jesus will embrace you, dominate you

I didn’t need to kill myself to feel like I was gone

With a swift, fat brush you erased me from the world


I don’t think that, I’m confused

I just need faith

I don’t deserve to feel that way

I’m looking for attention


Things she said to diverge the conversation

I’m sick.

My deteriorating brain

Will never be worthy of your pain

A puddle compared to your ocean


It will never be enough.


Forget about it.


I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m Happy, Im Happy, im happy, happy,happy, appy, h-


Move on with your life.


I’m smiling

“I love you”

—I feel nothing.


With a stroke and a swipe of crimson red

I’m at the bottom

Was my death serious enough for you now?









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