There are few things I find enjoyable in this world.

And there are many ways I can describe the tremendous glee they bring me.


To begin with the sun.

It’s scintillating aura never wavers, never dimming.

As the light bends around the shape I’ve come to admire.

I wasn’t supposed to look, but I couldn’t withstand the emptiness I felt without it.


Now, there are the trees.

Powerful, fierce, and solid.

Balancing the world on their sturdy shoulders.

They anchor me down, setting me gently, where their branches can embrace me tightly.

So, I can watch as the summer breeze softly dishevels their leaves.

Underneath their canopies, I lay, wrapped within stolen security.


Then comes air, the source of my life.

A strength so magnetic and enticing, keeps me pushing forward into this world.

This pain is good; sharp edges slice across my face with fierce velocity.

Now, I’m drowning in air, my body feels much lighter than before.

Twisting, twirling, floating towards the sun.


I wish the world was me and I the world.

We would fly off into the sunset, like a pair of old kites.

The rest would follow our way, with nothing but the chemical reactions to prove our presence.

The wind would take us higher up, higher than the heavens.

Somewhere the light won’t reflect from our bodies.


If I am the world than I am your world.

Then you would feel the way I feel when the sunsets just right.

You would know what I feel when the warmth wraps around your familiar body.

How I melt underneath your halo and get stuck in an ungodly hour.

How it feels to turn back to ice without your presence.


Then you would know what it feels like to be wrapped in your arms.

How your strength flows into me, makes me bold, fearless.

How the cold, empty ground is suddenly softer with you there.

How the world seems safer, bearable with you there.


And you would know how much you take my breath away, even when I’m not with you.

How empty and bulbous my mind gets when I see you;

I’m at a loss for words.

You would know how it feels to want to be breathless, even if you push me away.


Of all the things that bring me joy, it’s you that brings me the most happiness.


You are the sun.

The sun, that brings clarity and pure goodness to my heart.

And reminds me you can always find the light, even among the darkest of clouds.


You are the trees.

The trees, that brings serenity and safety to my body and soul.

And reminds me that some risks are worth taking, even if I don’t feel brave enough.


You are the wind.

The wind, that brings me home to you.

And reminds me its okay to be lost sometimes.


If you are the world, then you are my world.

When you look at me, do you feel this too?





Note: kinda finished, but this is the unrevised version. Going to be doing it later on this week, maybe ill post it on here too.


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