Do you remember the first time you saw me?

I remember every time I close my eyes

Hiding away in the dead of night

Body glistening in the low light


Was I not enough to find the piece?

I could fill your heart, just as you fill mine

Make you smile, like you make me smile


Tell me now,

Do we lose this now or hurt later

Will I come home and find the emptiness

Will she be there when you wake up?


I can feel the doubt found deep inside of me

Shaking and ripping this apart

Wondering if you where ever even mine

Or if my heart was really there


Two pages from the same book

We took all we could have gained

But the flame was never really there


Tell me now, please, tell me

It meant nothing more to you or to me

and time couldn’t fix this

If only to save myself from you


Was there enough hurt, for both me and you?

Did the strings break so violently for you

when your choice was made?

In ten years, will I still remember your face?

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