“Love” by Daughter

I can’t forget it
Though I’ve tried
I know you regret it, love
You told me so many times

But I still wonder
You left with her
And left me behind

Take your hands off him
Cause he’s the only one that I have ever loved
And please don’t find her skin
When you turn the lights off

I can’t erase it
From my mind
I just replay it, love
Think of it all of the time
But I don’t want to imagine
Words you spoke to her that night
Naked bodies look like porcelain
You both knew I’d be bleeding inside

Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?
Did she give you what you hoped for?
Oh nights of loveless love, I hope it made you feel good
Knowing how much I adored you
(You’re making me sick, love)



Note: I couldn’t figure out the words I’ve been wanting to yell… I’ve been listening to this song on repeat, and has become the closest thing to what I want to currently express. Hope you take a listen to it.

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