I wish I could stop my heart from telling me what I already know

Enamored with the thought of being ordinary with you

More than I could ever be with him


It brings me insurmountable joy

To know I find a smile

When I think of you


I wish your love belonged to me

and mine was enough to wait for


But I’m scared, I’m scared to think too far ahead

I’m scared of losing control

And letting you get away, with my heart crushed in your hand.

If He Were To love Me

My love, she is endless

My love, she is pure 

Her light is overpowering

There is no dark when she is near


I close my eyes and I see her there

The freckle near her mouth

Where her lips wait anxiously

Curving into that quick witted smile


The sensual dip of her skin as it settles beneath her cheekbones

Makes my skin burn, as I am overcome with longing, longing to roam

Along the smooth texture of her body


I want to be near her, to feel her

and smell the sweet powdered smell of her skin

I want to watch rose petals spill down her hair

tucked, messily behind her ear


It drives me crazy every time


If she were to love me as much as I love her

she would feel the intensity of the fire burning within me,

Frighteningly so, as it keeps its grip around my heart.


This is what he would say,

If he were to love me.



Let Me Taste You.

Imagine a love so sweet, it tastes just like honey

Smoky, spicy; You’ll need to come back for more

For a taste, just a little taste of all your goodness.


It will stick and spread to every crevice of your heart

Control your limbs and tear you apart

How am I supposed to empty myself of you?





Current Exchange.

I’m spread too thin

l’m constantly in motion


Lost without a cause, means I can’t find my way to the ocean

Face to face, I don’t think I can outrun you

The mirror doesn’t lie, your hypocrisy is evident


I’m running but there’s no where left for me to hide

I can feel a change, but I don’t know why

Outrun and waiting, for what?

The only thing left for me to grasp is air


It’s a game between my head and my heart 

I wish there was a way to fix the unfix-able

A way to erase those lines that haunt you 


How far must I go, until I reach the shore

Only to hold my breath and let it consume me.