If You Know, You Know.

[I know I can’t be what you want]

But I don’t feel like dancing in the dark

[If I can’t be by your side]

I’ll hold you down, until you learn to breathe

You can grab onto me, I’ll keep us alive

If I start to lose myself, I’ll slow it down

Take you by the hand and head for higher ground

I’ll keep this safe for the two of us,

[I can’t keep you in these arms, so I’ll keep you in my mind]

Now, these cold hands grasp me

[Reaching out, I can’t feel you now]

Lines in brackets Originally written by/for  “You and I” by PVRIS


What do I need to do to make this feel right?

What do I need to do to figure out this puzzle?

I’m wounded and I’m lost,  feeling like I’m still walking in the past

Why can’t I get over myself

Why can’t I move on

There aren’t enough ways to say I’m sorry

And trust me, I am so sorry

I’ve been awake for years now

Trying to figure out how to fix this

It’s a scene we’ve seen before

Weeks and weeks and weeks

They feel the same, like I can’t escape you

Just here for me to know I can’t go on with this

How do I run from us?

My pulse runs the same and

You act your part just as I remember

My body doesn’t move even though I feel alive

If I need it, I’ll let you have what’s left of this existence

So I can find the answer to this extensive moment

Keeping me here, feeling like I’m senseless

I want you to feel how I felt stumbling, wordless

In the night and unable to grieve

You told me to move on

Let me close it this time

I’ll think of something clever, rip my page out of this book

and be as selfish as you say I am

Maybe this time you can find the answer.

Right Thing

I must be dreaming again

Because the world feels a little different today

You were there, the whole time you were there

Waiting so patiently for my door to open

All these precious memories

Seem to want to follow your footsteps

All just moments you seem to want to take back

Well what am I supposed to do with what’s left of this

How am I supposed to wait for something I can’t feel?

Am I a failure for not trusting in you enough?

I wish I knew what it was that I am waiting for

Then I would know if I’m doing the right thing.

Untitled #4

Those simple, yet concise words

They were enough to make me give you my heart

They were enough to let me watch you crush it 

In the late hours of the night 

I should have known not to trust it

Was there a beauty to me you could not see

If my heart pumped her blood would you see it all the same

Did those words not give the same meaning 

The difference now is I’m sleeping to erase

My head above these waters are soon to drown me completely

Maybe my mistake was that I gave myself too fast

To a force that could not pull me out 

As Fast as I would for them

She took your heart but I had your time

It feels like a race and the only one left to lose is me

But it’s okay, all that’s left is to bury me

Here, where my heart can be left to burn,

I promise I won’t say a word.




I think I’ve realized tonight, how far I’ve gone with you

My heart burst with emotions I’ve forgotten

as I wait so patiently, for something that may never come


And I think that’s what hurts me the most

Entertaining a future, so fragile and innocent

Yet so easily destroyed without a substantial backing

Something like this could dissappear


I don’t want to let it go,

Because I can’t imagine myself without that part of you

But this feels different, it feels wrong

I’m not sure if this is right,

right for me, right for you.


Something inside me wants to take it all in

and keep it hidden away with the strongest lock I can manage,

if only to keep this to myself a little longer,

There is no hiding this, just please tell me you won’t leave when the time comes


There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more than this

No one I’ve ever wanted like this

You have given me new ways to breathe

You have given me more than I could ask for, love.







Untitled #3

Don’t you get tired of this,

Running back and forth, looking for a place to tell you otherwise

Where growth is allowed and your’e not stuck all by yourself


Now, catch me in the middle of the darkest room

Left thinking about all that I gave

To a man who never bothered to come home


Now, you’re left with nothing to hold but the memories of me

And an old stack of postcards

That remind you of what there used to be,


Before the cold drew into your home

Now, she is changed and you regret everything

Sitting in the chair, with nothing left to do.