I think I’ve realized tonight, how far I’ve gone with you

My heart burst with emotions I’ve forgotten

as I wait so patiently, for something that may never come


And I think that’s what hurts me the most

Entertaining a future, so fragile and innocent

Yet so easily destroyed without a substantial backing

Something like this could dissappear


I don’t want to let it go,

Because I can’t imagine myself without that part of you

But this feels different, it feels wrong

I’m not sure if this is right,

right for me, right for you.


Something inside me wants to take it all in

and keep it hidden away with the strongest lock I can manage,

if only to keep this to myself a little longer,

There is no hiding this, just please tell me you won’t leave when the time comes


There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more than this

No one I’ve ever wanted like this

You have given me new ways to breathe

You have given me more than I could ask for, love.







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