Untitled #4

Those simple, yet concise words

They were enough to make me give you my heart

They were enough to let me watch you crush it 

In the late hours of the night 

I should have known not to trust it

Was there a beauty to me you could not see

If my heart pumped her blood would you see it all the same

Did those words not give the same meaning 

The difference now is I’m sleeping to erase

My head above these waters are soon to drown me completely

Maybe my mistake was that I gave myself too fast

To a force that could not pull me out 

As Fast as I would for them

She took your heart but I had your time

It feels like a race and the only one left to lose is me

But it’s okay, all that’s left is to bury me

Here, where my heart can be left to burn,

I promise I won’t say a word.