by Amy Sol

I draw myself from the dark

With the heavy pain in my chest 

over staying it’s welcome and sharp as a rock

How do I cover myself to keep from unraveling 

These things make me undone

Mother, I wish you could cover me 

How many skies do I have to look at 

Before I find what keeps me here

Mother, I wish you could cover me 

And to these words that won’t leave my mouth

I’m not ready to see you 

So please don’t hold me down again

Your presence makes me undone

Mother, I wish you could cover me 

If I float will you catch me 

If you miss don’t let me fall too hard

Mother, why won’t you cover me

Sometimes we feel

Resonate with my brain for a moment

Hold its wrist for a second let it know its still here

If I looked like you, would it make you more inclined 

These days pass by with the wave of my hand

It always seems like I’m the only one thats different

Why do I apologize for the disease in my head

Stay with me up at the late hours of night

Let me show you the difference 

Can you tell me with certainty that it’s something to be ashamed of

Doesn’t seem like I need your help 

I’m already caught in this fragment of the world

I’ll never be like you so don’t compare me 

I’ll never be like them so don’t compare me

Now can you Hear it, now can you See it?

I’m Sorry

by Paolo Pedroni

There is no reason left for me to feel like I can not breath 

But this headache is a constant reminder of the things I can not erase 

What I see and how I feel are indistinguishable in depth 

My harbor has changed as I’ve begun to wake up in a state of fear 

spine-chillingly present, without the comfort of words to keep me sane 

How can I sleep when this existence wants me to dissappear?

There is no greater cruelty than being left alone with my brain

All these conversations make me tired, every word is filled with uncertainty and meanings that don’t add up 

Sometimes I wish the connotations were as real as I think they are 

I wish they could portray half of the reflection I see in the mirror 

Instead, I’m stuck dredging through the woods,  desperately clinging onto incomprehenisble words like a fool 

Lately, these days are overwhelming and exasperating 

If only my mouth spoke the words in my head, so may these doubts that constantly plague me dissapate

If me telling you means anything, I promise she is here, inside of me 

If only it was as easy as flipping over a book, maybe then you can read all that I have to say 

I know it is up to me, and maybe I wasn’t meant to be on this path, 

But there is something there to balance out the chemical equation 

 My only wish is to grant the gift of what’s inside unseen 

So, without hesitation, decipher before its too late to retrace

Even now, the hate and regret makes its away down the deepest cut

The fortitude seen in the their eyes wasn’t enough to hold back the snafu of my soul from reaching out it’s repulsive hands 

and touching those whom I love the most, infecting them with bleakness 

Remorse has become a tiring expression in my vocabulary

I know your’e as tired as I am, but these cruel statements have become addicting 

They eat me from the inside out; I’ve had enough of their drowning love

 I know I have failed and I am sorry, but I just need a little time 

Just a little more time to hold myself down, so I can be worthy of the words that make me golden 

Until then, please bare with me, my promise may seem empty, but just know, I am sorry.


by Esao Andrews

What a shame it is to be this way

Nothing hurts more than the need to 

hide my heart from you


You’ve been consistent, so why do I keep running 

A few words, that’s all I need to remember 

To be here with you 

Say it, to remember you are here with me


This version of reality is one we need to keep

Where your arms are enough to hold me up

Your drug is enough to fill my cup


Don’t let me scare you away

A few words, it’s what I need to remember 

To be here with you

Say it, To remember you are here with me


Now, let me make it up to you

Don’t you think it’s worth both our time 

If I get ahead of myself, show me how to make it right


Cause I’ll lose my mind if you’re not here.

Getting the Idea

I should have ended it

Your mention of her 

Feels like a dagger in my throat

Please get out of my heart

I want to tell you how much you effect my mind

How much power you can have

You make it easier to breathe

All the while suffocating me slowly

I’m not sure anymore

If I could run like this

With the weight of my words keeping me down

All I see is hurt

And you always run to someone else.