Suppressing is not forgetting

there are things inside me i have not overcome

and with our narrative i have come to the realization

that i am a reflection of you, toxic and egotistical


i thought you would help change, no, teach me

that with the power of your faith you have taken the best of me

your’e different, I am still the same

why is this confusion so deeply set in my heart

campanionship I valued the most, you are but an extension of my soul

but these words that echo inside me

haunt me everyday with the premise of unfufilling the needs of that soul

breathlessly awaken the part of me that hides underneath

for our paths have intertwined in a way they should have not

don’t patronize me, i know that i am lacking

i know that i am lost

i know i will forever be, this dark swirling mass of car exhaust

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