La Muerte de un Amor Maldito

Yo suelo pienso en ti

con cada minuto, con cada hora

que la tierra gira

suelo pienso en ti

es inevitable, este sentimiento de desesperacion

en saber que

tal vez, no soy lo que necesitas

que por cada imagen de ti

cada línea de tu rostro

desandado del imprimen en mi mente

al fin, es regresado con silencio

No te pude enseñar quien soy

y tu no pudistes regresarme un mensaje.


without a reasonable doubt

you are not meant for me

you know words have power

somehow, yours are the only one’s that matter

to eschew yourself from guilt

sugar coat your words

filled with metaphors and phrases

meant to portray annoyance

when the tears gleam down your cheeks,

you will find, Judy, i am not so quick to judge you

as you are to judge me.

Short life

created by Bad Thief

your heart is sincere

but you never tell me what i want to hear

if there are no words

then why not show me what you mean

now, it’s all a dream

you won’t settle down

and i can’t let it go

I’d rather taste your fear

then let you dissappear

ill reach out to you

when theres nothing left to do

theres nothing wrong

with being wrong

but how can i love what i do not know

i hope, when the morning comes

you’ll be calling out my name

and i will reach out, reach out to you.

Three Charms

The shadows bend

To the shape of your mouth

Years go by

And the ice has melted

There’s three of you

I feel confused

I’m not sure I know what I want

I’m not sure you know that you want me

I wished you could stay

I wish you would call

I wish you were strong enough to hold me

Truth be told,

My heart’s a little heavy

If I come back to you

I don’t think I’ll make it through. 

love, anyways

in the morning

when the sunlight hits the mountain tops,

i think of you

in my head you hold my hand

suddenly, i stand there and

the moment before night and day

is captured in the sky

it is as bright as your silky hair

somewhere in the sky, the moon hides

and soon enough it is night again

now, when I wake

you’re not near

the moon is gone

and i feel everything

the note on my door :

“i am not strong enough to love you, anyways

my heart can’t carry your pain”

no matter where i am

you leave me feeling empty