I think I've realized tonight, how far I've gone with you My heart burst with emotions I've forgotten as I wait so patiently, for something that may never come   And I think that's what hurts me the most Entertaining a future, so fragile and innocent Yet so easily destroyed without a substantial... Continue Reading →


I hate this feeling Hold my hand, I want you near Blink, I wasn't good enough. 

Untitled #3

Don't you get tired of this, Running back and forth, looking for a place to tell you otherwise Where growth is allowed and your'e not stuck all by yourself   Now, catch me in the middle of the darkest room Left thinking about all that I gave To a man who never bothered to come... Continue Reading →

To Be With You…

When I am in my head, I get caught up in you Suddenly, the world isn't so bad Now I'm holding your hand in my palm And the movement of your smile is imprinted within me, calming me down   Sweet, Sweet lover I can't help but to fly off in chase of you To... Continue Reading →

Untitled #2

I can feel you under, slowly sinking through My skin. Thinning it, as you alight every piece of me on fire Breathing, It gets harder. The thought of you weighs me down My mind, you consume all of me. How long will this last, until I open up my eyes?


I wish I could stop my heart from telling me what I already know Enamored with the thought of being ordinary with you More than I could ever be with him   It brings me insurmountable joy To know I find a smile When I think of you   I wish your love belonged to... Continue Reading →

If He Were To love Me

My love, she is endless My love, she is pure¬† Her light is overpowering There is no dark when she is near   I close my eyes and I see her there The freckle near her mouth Where her lips wait anxiously Curving into that quick witted smile   The sensual dip of her skin... Continue Reading →

Let Me Taste You.

Imagine a love so sweet, it tastes just like honey Smoky, spicy; You'll need to come back for more For a taste, just a little taste of all your goodness.   It will stick and spread to every crevice of your heart Control your limbs and tear you apart How am I supposed to empty... Continue Reading →

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