Blue Sky

Can i run, can i wipe away the feeling that i've failed you im drowning in apologies but do i really mean them im feeling blue like the sky above your face and when my tears hit my shirt can i wipe away the need to disappear


What do I need to do to make this feel right? What do I need to do to figure out this puzzle? I'm wounded and I'm lost,  feeling like I'm still walking in the past Why can't I get over myself Why can't I move on There aren't enough ways to say I'm sorry And... Continue Reading →

Untitled #2

I can feel you under, slowly sinking through My skin. Thinning it, as you alight every piece of me on fire Breathing, It gets harder. The thought of you weighs me down My mind, you consume all of me. How long will this last, until I open up my eyes?

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