by Esao Andrews how many knives are on my back how many times have I fought back Am i lucky to be blessed with this weak heart Im feeling heavy with lies  and these voices wont stop coming around  Do i take the blade pressed against my wrist how long do i wait to be... Continue Reading →

Sometimes we feel

Resonate with my brain for a moment Hold its wrist for a second let it know its still here If I looked like you, would it make you more inclined  These days pass by with the wave of my hand It always seems like I'm the only one thats different Why do I apologize for... Continue Reading →

Right Thing

I must be dreaming again Because the world feels a little different today You were there, the whole time you were there Waiting so patiently for my door to open All these precious memories Seem to want to follow your footsteps All just moments you seem to want to take back Well what am I... Continue Reading →

A little light

I’m running towards you head strong Spinning faster than i can breathe Into this world, followed by those behind me And I’m just trying to picture who I should be But every time I feel a little less close Like a lily without a pad, floating mercilessly in the deep blue sea Relying on the... Continue Reading →

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