Ongoing today

I feel so empty 

Sometimes I’m happy

But it never lasts long

With rope burns on my neck

Raise with me your hand 

My intent for your forgiveness

This life is a mine field

And I never step 

In the right place 

Oh lord I need some drugs

Oh lord I need some drugs

I want to try 

And be better 

So I can ease my heart at night 

Lord I feel so empty

my mind always escapes

To places I cannot reach

Without my permission

I need to learn

How to stop drowning

When I know how to swim

Long Nights

thank you, for the shame and disgust

your touch left

lingering, on my skin

thank you for the long nights,

i spent carving lines on my body

thank you, for the pain i felt in my chest,

after i let the one i loved go,

because i couldn’t love myself like he loved me

for the pain that you caused

and the pain that you erased

my heart has learned forgiveness

i hope that yours does too.