by Esao Andrews how many knives are on my back how many times have I fought back Am i lucky to be blessed with this weak heart Im feeling heavy with lies  and these voices wont stop coming around  Do i take the blade pressed against my wrist how long do i wait to be... Continue Reading →


by Amy Sol I draw myself from the dark With the heavy pain in my chest  over staying it’s welcome and sharp as a rock How do I cover myself to keep from unraveling  These things make me undone Mother, I wish you could cover me  How many skies do I have to look at ... Continue Reading →


  you are the martyr, I am the curse stuck inside this treasure bearing my feelings of rancor and enmity If it's meant to be, it will be.   For now I will lay still and amass that which makes me powerful So I no longer need my martyr, so I no longer need you.


What do I need to do to make this feel right? What do I need to do to figure out this puzzle? I'm wounded and I'm lost,  feeling like I'm still walking in the past Why can't I get over myself Why can't I move on There aren't enough ways to say I'm sorry And... Continue Reading →

Right Thing

I must be dreaming again Because the world feels a little different today You were there, the whole time you were there Waiting so patiently for my door to open All these precious memories Seem to want to follow your footsteps All just moments you seem to want to take back Well what am I... Continue Reading →

Untitled #2

I can feel you under, slowly sinking through My skin. Thinning it, as you alight every piece of me on fire Breathing, It gets harder. The thought of you weighs me down My mind, you consume all of me. How long will this last, until I open up my eyes?

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