by Amy Sol I draw myself from the dark With the heavy pain in my chest  over staying it’s welcome and sharp as a rock How do I cover myself to keep from unraveling  These things make me undone Mother, I wish you could cover me  How many skies do I have to look at ... Continue Reading →


  you are the martyr, I am the curse stuck inside this treasure bearing my feelings of rancor and enmity If it's meant to be, it will be.   For now I will lay still and amass that which makes me powerful So I no longer need my martyr, so I no longer need you.

Slughead Lemonade

Sex magnets everywhere Don’t need to see anyone else but you Just sweet talk me a little more God damn, you’re like crack Little steps take little steps Feeling my way over to you My hands are eager to discover Your dips and crannies  I need you like you need me Take me into your... Continue Reading →

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