hate her (hate me)

im a disappointment caution written on my face, get too close you'll sink down with me i'll turn you rotten, a bad taste in your mouth get me out of my head i am desperate to feel anything but hate for the face in the mirror, the way she lies makes me want to die... Continue Reading →

Blue Sky

Can i run, can i wipe away the feeling that i've failed you im drowning in apologies but do i really mean them im feeling blue like the sky above your face and when my tears hit my shirt can i wipe away the need to disappear

Letter for a Bird

Remind me of your touch, one last time before you leave Those late nights we spent listening to those songs you like in my car I just wanted to hold you in my palm Like I did that night I know things wouldn't have changed, because you never even looked my way through all the... Continue Reading →

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