Sometimes we feel

Resonate with my brain for a moment

Hold its wrist for a second let it know its still here

If I looked like you, would it make you more inclined 

These days pass by with the wave of my hand

It always seems like I’m the only one thats different

Why do I apologize for the disease in my head

Stay with me up at the late hours of night

Let me show you the difference 

Can you tell me with certainty that it’s something to be ashamed of

Doesn’t seem like I need your help 

I’m already caught in this fragment of the world

I’ll never be like you so don’t compare me 

I’ll never be like them so don’t compare me

Now can you Hear it, now can you See it?

If You Know, You Know.

[I know I can’t be what you want]

But I don’t feel like dancing in the dark

[If I can’t be by your side]

I’ll hold you down, until you learn to breathe

You can grab onto me, I’ll keep us alive

If I start to lose myself, I’ll slow it down

Take you by the hand and head for higher ground

I’ll keep this safe for the two of us,

[I can’t keep you in these arms, so I’ll keep you in my mind]

Now, these cold hands grasp me

[Reaching out, I can’t feel you now]

Lines in brackets Originally written by/for  “You and I” by PVRIS